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Five silver linings amid the covid'19 pandemic

It's real out there you, guys. It is scary, uncertain and just... so negative. Thi is not an article meant to downplay what is going on out there. I am not trying to convince anyone that the government is blowing this whole thing out of proportion or blame the virus on 5G towers.


There is reason to worry! The WHO has made it very clear that we are facing a serious situation and if you don't trust them, believe the people who are grieving their loved ones. The scariest part of this virus for me is the fact that we do not know enough about it.

So the only thing we can do is stay safe; wash our hands ( along with the rest of our body - feet included) and do our part.

Having said all that, what this article actually IS about is the fact that this situation is not all bad. Even during a global pandemic, you have to count your blessings. I would argue that you should actually do that more during times like these. So, here are a few positive things that we can focus on during this pandemic to help us stay positive:

1. Meetings in your underwear!

Working from home can suck. I mean, the wi-fi at home is never as good as the one at the office, your routine is a little off and you don't necessarily have access to all of your materials... all of that is very true. BUT ( and yes, I am committing this big grammar no-no because I need you to understand the importance of this but), the commute to my desk at home is all of 30 seconds. I can have whole meeting in my Lululemons or in my underwear as long as I put on a shirt and do my hair. My Fridge is right there an nothing in it is off limits. The coffee in my house is so much better than the one at the office. I mean... I can go on but I think you get the point.

2. Mother Nature is getting some much needed R&R!

I'm sure you've seen those pictures online. How much clearer the water is in some places, the animals coming back to places that are normally full of human beings... etc. There is also the fact that the ozone layer is healing. Granted, the research on this last part is not fully conclusive yet and it might not even be related to social distancing but the timing sure is suspicious.

The point here is that we can no longer pretend that human activity doesn't have a HUGE impact on our environment. In the last two months, satellite images released by NASA and the European Space Agency show a dramatic reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions in China when it implemented drastic coronavirus restrictions.

The Pandemic has shown that when we slow down, we make a difference.

3. Taking a Break!

Not everyone has been able to do this and we are very grateful to those people who have had to work extra to keep us healthy & safe. Most of us though are either working from home, working reduced hours or maybe even not working at all. If you fall in any of those latter categories, it means you have more free time on your hands and therefore a chance to use it wisely.

Before this pandemic, I don't remember the last time that I had enough free time to be bored. The fact that we are stuck at home and we don't have as many places to go to means we have time to take a break. Spend time with your loved ones at home, facetime for hours with your family that is far away, read a book or ten, introspect, get closer to God if that's your jam, do something that is purely for you.... just, take a breather.

4. Being productive!

I have seen podcasts get started, a lot of baking, a lot more people downloading duolingo and etc... How amazing is that? I feel like this "free" time has allowed people to think about their hobbies or think about the lives that they wanted for themselves. Many have taken a chance on projects that they felt they never had time to finish, others are just learning something new out of boredom. Either way, people are developing new skills or improving old ones and we love to see it.

5. Coming together!

If you doubted globalization before, the spread of COVID19 is all you the proof you need. Depending on how you feel about this phenomenon, you might not think of it as a silver lining but that's an argument for a different day. What ms. Rona has shown is that whether we like it or not, it is real and it is here! This virus reached every corner of the world in a matter of weeks, proving that we are all connected in some way. A decision made in Hong Kong will affect someone in Senegal. The good thing about this is that it has forced people to kind of come together. I know that as a race, we could be doing more but there have been so many acts of kindness around the world and it has been amazing to watch. This pandemic reminded me that in times of crisis, people can be truly amazing. Good people will step up! You can check some of them out here. It brings a smile to my face, so I hope it does the same for you.


Well, there you have it. A few positive things to focus on during this pandemic. What are some of the silver linings you've noticed?

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