REVIEW: The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

The kiss Quotient is such a great romance series. This latest book in the trilogy is just probably the most emotional of the three and it is absolutely worth the read.

First, I am going to ask you to please read the author's note. Preferably after reading the book because guys, I was tearing up while I reading the book but I sobbed through the author's note. It just reminded me me writers give us so much of themselves. Helen Hoang refers to this book as half a memoir. So I can only imagine how personal this story is for her and therefore how hard it must have been to reopen those wounds so that she can write a story as beautiful as this one.

I'll be honest, this is not the book that I was expecting at all. When I finished it and started writing this review, I had to take a minute and actually think through it because there is so much that I LOVED about this book but I really don't like the fact that I was not prepared for it. The previous books in this series and the synopsis did not prepare me for the fact that 60% of this book is actually really freaking sad.

Ms. Hoang's pen is unmatched, she knows how to bring her characters to life and make you connect with them emotionally. She also knows how to turn up the sexy and how to make you swoon. The first two books in the series gave me a perfect balance of the two with a side of comedy here and there. This one is different. The heart principle is still very much a romance but it is a different kind of romance. It's less "the kiss quotient" and more "long shot by Kennedy Ryan". In other words, the romance was present but it took a bit of a backseat. This felt more like Anna's story and how she happened to find this man named Quan who was also trying to find himself again and who falls in love her so completely that you can't help but fall for him a little, too. I'm not mad at it, tough because she still found a way to keep me invested in the romance. That said when you take away my expectations ( because that's really what led to my mixed feelings), this book is incredibly is incredibly beautiful. I think calling it beautiful might fill a bit odd for those of you who have read it because so much of it is heartbreaking but... I honestly can't think of another word that is more fitting. This book is vulnerable and honest and you can feel that it is written by someone who truly understands what Anna is going through.

This is a love story like no other but mostly, it's a book about resilience, learning to not only understand but love yourself, setting boundaries. It's a book that shows that love is really about choosing each other time and time again. . I think it's fucking amazing that young women can read stories like these that show them the importance of standing up for yourself and setting boundaries, even ( for some people it's especially) with family members. This was a very emotional read but it was also really swoon worthy because Quan is just that guy! I knew he loved hard from the way he was portrayed in the first two books of the series and I was not disappointed. Also, the sexy times did not disappoint either. We're talking about a beautiful Vietnamese guy covered in tattoos, who rides a motorcycle, says filthy things but loves like he's in a 90s R&B video. How could it be anything but hot? In conclusion I definitely recommend this. I think everyone should pick it up. It is a beautiful beautiful gift that Helen Hoang wrote for us.