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The politics of my being alive and living in my truth

Updated: May 2, 2020

It dawned on me this morning that a lot of things about my existence are political.

Let me give you some context: I am one of those annoying people. You know, the kind that you make a sexist joke around and they decide to give you a lecture on misogyny and tell you how if they laughed at your joke, it would be an endorsement of the patriarchy and they would soon rather shove a fork in their left eye than do that. That's the kind of person I am. The problem with this, is that I am also the kind of person who does not like to be the center of attention for a second longer than necessary because well, I have social anxiety and I don't like it when humans look at me too long. Those two things make my life difficult because they force to pick a side often. They force me to chose which uncomfortable pill to swallow at different points of my life. I'd like to say that I chose the former all the time but the truth is that I don't. I recently had one of those occasions where I chose to keep quiet instead of saying something and I beat myself up over it for a minute. This morning, though, while talking to somebody, I realized that I make a lot of political statements by just.. Being! Ain't that crazy? Hear me out: I am a black woman. By that, I mean A BLACK WOMAN. With chocolate skin and very prominent African features. My race is not ambiguous in any way. When you see me, you see my bantu heritage. I let my Coily hair stand long and proud on my head or protect it with poetic justice braids that too many of my sisters have been told is unprofessional looking. So.... I wear it to my 9 to 5 and actually enjoy the confusion on the white man's face every time I change my hairstyle. I like to be in the sun. Yes, you read that right. You will find me outside when it is 30 degrees with exposed skin because I do want my skin to get darker. Everytime my sunkissed melanin absorbs vitamin D; I feel like it's a gift from God and I enjoy giving just a little less money to these beauty companies that REALLY TRY VERY HARD to convince us that 'dark & lovely' is an oxymoron and that we should aspire to be 'fair & white'. I educate myself any chance I get. You'd think that's not a political statement but considering the fact that 130 million girls around the world do not get to secondary school.... every time that I read, learn a new language, use my degree or make money, it's a slap in the face to any man who ever argued that investing in my intelligence was a waste of time. I am a thick woman. I spelled that fully because I'm not talking about the Nicki Minaj/ Instagram model kind of thick that the media is trying to pass off as body positive. I mean that I have thunder thighs and my beautiful body is not shaped like a perfect 8 but i dare you to let that stop me from wearing ( or not wearing) any and everything that I damn well please. I'm a Cisgender woman. That means the world has always had a lot to say about who I should be and how I should act. I am supposed to be meek and quiet. Willing to serve and unable to lead. Sexually adventurous and sexually inexperienced at the same time.... etc etc. I am some of these things and none of the others because I decided to be exactly who I am. Can you imagine that that alone is an act of rebellion? The point of all of this rambling is this: Every single time that a minority exists in their truth and lives to tell about it or do it again the next day, it is a big deal. I know it's 2019 and it's easy to focus on the #Melaninpopping and #LGBTQpride but they are still killing transwomen because for existing. They are taking our jobs because they don't like our hair. They are destroying our lives because we dare to say no when they want to use our bodies. A lot of vile things are happening in this world and every time you normalize someone or something characteristic of those that we call "other", you may not know it and you may not even like it but you should know.... it is somewhat political.

Okay, I am done rambling now. Thank you for reading.

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