Book Review: Feeling 20 at 60 by Mandipa T. Shumba

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

It took me a long time to write this review. I read this book twice from cover to cover and It still took me having to take a whole afternoon and forcing myself to seat down in order to write this review. I know that it will not read like it because here is the truth: Even after doing all that, I couldn't think of a way to explain the brilliance of this book without literally just posting a WHOLE LOT of quotes from it. I actually debated doing that but I think the author would actually prefer that people buy the book instead of reading most of it on my blog so.... yeah

If I am being honest, I was a little nervous going into this book. I loved both of Mandipa's previous books but this one is a bit different from your typical poetry collection.

It was the best kind of different, though.

It's a collection of works ( poems, portraits and prose) about womanhood, but more specifically your twenties as a woman. I STAN almost anything that celebrates women and our various experiences. This book does exactly that.

Don't get me wrong, it is not a really long poem about how awesome women are ( not that I would mind that)- instead, it is a lot of expressive writing about all the confusion, the "freedom" and the expectations that come with finding yourself as a woman but also the weird fact that our mothers experience similar things when they have to "find themselves" once they are done doing the raising children part of motherhood.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably hear me talk about this book quite a bit over the next little while because I feel like it is one of those books that give you a little something new everytime you read them. So I am planning a reread... again.... soon.

I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any other poetry fans out there and anyone else who is looking for new new African Writers to support.

Let me know if you pick this up. You can purchase it by clicking on this link and let me know what you think.